2015-2016 Lake Dallas Quarterback Club Board Members

Welcome to our 2015-2016 Lake Dallas Quarterback Club board members!

Please see the list of our new members below.

The board is looking for volunteers for all of our activities and programs. If you or someone you know would like to volunteer or help with a specific activity, contact the person in charge by email.




Conan Schantz[email protected] President / Casino Night
Harvey Lusk [email protected] Vice President / Game Day Breakfast / Spiritwear / Hospitality
Tiffany Peppard [email protected] Secretary / General Assistance
Andrea Depperschmidt[email protected] Treasurer / Program Assistant
Tamara Schantz [email protected]Golf Tournament Director
Melinda Stanley[email protected]Senior Events / Locker Room Decorating Director / Concessions
Dominique Carrasco [email protected] Membership / Friday Program Sales Director
Debbie Lusk [email protected]Photo & Picture Day Director / Programs / Ads
Bill Slater [email protected]Helmet Club Director
DeeAnn Gregory [email protected] Hospitality Director
Laura Collier [email protected]Volunteer Director /Team Dinner Coordinator
David Laubacher [email protected]Concessions Director / Radio Liaison / Casino Night Assistant
Kimberly Spain [email protected]Photography / Sponsor Assistant
Scott Anderson [email protected] Golf Tournament Assistant
Christine Slater [email protected]Tailgating Director
Tosha Bryce [email protected]Middle School Rep / Freshman Lockers / Senior Assistant
Shannon Gregory [email protected]Website / Email Blast Director / Concessions Assistant
Dave Stanley [email protected]Game Night Video Director / Printing / Programs
Marvin Harris [email protected]Spring/Fall Games and Banquet Grillmaster Director
Joey Andres [email protected]General Assistance